Odds & Ends, and Other Info.

We dedicate this section to those trivia and other bits of information that gain importance from a historical perspective.

Often one does not take much notice of mundane issues and day to day items at the time. We have included this section as reconstructed from the memory of a number of people. Many thanks go to all those who contributed material for these pages.

  1. Food and Rations.

  2. Insignia, Flashes, and other Unit Emblems.

  3. Then & Now : Okatope Base.

  4. Personal Kit Issues.

  5. Vehicles used by the Medics and Other Arms of the SADF.

  6. Base Plan : Sector 10 Training Unit - Oshivelo.

  7. Base Plan : Sector 10 Training Unit - Dolfyn-basis, Oshivelo.

  8. Base Plan : 53 BN, Ondangwa.

  9. Base Plan : Ogongo.

  10. Base Plan : Oshigambo.

  11. Radio and sound memories.

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